Industry Skills Development & Training PASA/FP&M SETA Internship Programme

Goals and Objectives of the Programme

The publishing industry recognises the need to expand its current employment profile and has committed itself to introducing new blood and perspectives through the implementation of a black empowerment internship programme for graduates.

The PASA Internship Programme is aimed at unemployed black graduates wishing to gain entry into the book publishing industry. It includes a practical workplace experiential learning component and a theoretical learning component which will be integrated to provide interns with a solid foundation of skills for employment in the book publishing industry.

The internship primarily focuses on the development of key skills needed within the publishing industry and is structured in such a way so as to maximise learning opportunities for interns.

In the long term it is hoped that such a transfer of skills will also improve the quality of books published in South Africa, contributing to transforming South Africa s reading culture and developing our multi lingual society in the academic, economic, scientific and cultural spheres. A particular contribution can be made to increasing and developing publishing in African languages.

Stakeholders of the Programme

FP&M SETA: Media, Advertising, Publishing, Printing and Packaging Sector Education. Training Authority.

FP&M SETA is an Authority established in terms of section 9(1) of the Skills Development Act 1988. The prescribed core business of the FP&M SETA is the Development and implementation of a Sector Skills Plan by identifying and developing Learnerships and Skills Programmes by which Discretionary Grants are allocated to fund the Internship Programme.

PASA: The Publishers’ Association of South Africa

As the Industry body PASA acts as the custodian of the project and undertakes co-ordination of the necessary components of the programme to ensure the successful completion of the project.

Publishing Houses: Registered PASA Members
Individual Publishing Houses provide the practical workplace experience.

Monitoring Academic (MA): Accredited and Recognised Institution
The MA in consultation with the custodian (PASA) finalise the required deliverables and assessment criteria to ensure that current industry standards are applied, and that the training is of a regulated quality.

Interns: Unemployed, Black Graduates
The Interns are committed to the Goals and objectives of the Internship Programme and the willingness to learn by way of successfully meeting the requirements of the learning outcomes at the end of the programme.

For more information call PASA Office
021 762 9083

Current Internships

Intern Demographics

Black Males713
Black females810
Colored Males12
Colored Females73
Indian Females52
Indian Males00
White Females20
White Males00