Dramatic, Artistic and Literary Rights Organisation (DALRO)

DALRO is a copyright licensing
organisation representing authors and publishers
of literary, artistic and dramatic works. DALRO’s
main activities are the administration of rights of reprographic reproduction in literary works, the rights
of public performance and broadcast in literary,
dramatic and dramatico–musical works and the
right of reproduction in visual works of art. As South
Africa’s internationally accredited Reproduction Rights
Organisation (RRO), DALRO is a full member of the
International Federation of Reproduction Rights
Organisations (IFRRO). DALRO is also a member of
the International Confederation of Copyright Societies

Publishing Details

The following categories / languages can be published:

The following formats can be published:

Contact Details

  • Street Address:

    SAMRO Place,
    20 De Korte Street,
    Braamfontein, 2001

    Province: Gauteng

  • Postal Address:

    PO Box 31627,
    Braamfontein, 2017

Key Personnel

Managing Director: Lazarus Serobe

Member Registration

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