Callalily Pty Ltd

  • COMPANY HISTORY Callalily was formed in 2018 with the intention of assisting the Education industry to meet the demands of people in South Africa. We have experience in the education sector company.
  • CLIENT BASE We are a supplier to schools, libraries, institutions and government departments. We also have a retail customer sale and have developed excellent working relationships with our customers.
  • OUR VISION We have a challenging role to play in education today. The challenge is to bring both quality yet affordable material to all sectors of our economy and to work with schools, libraries, tertiary institutions and parents to improve the quality of education in our country. We also aim to provide educational material and consultancy to various Provincial Education Departments Learner Teacher Support Material (LTSM) and library material.
  • PRODUCT RANGE Our product range includes fiction and non-fiction readers pre-school programs, Science encyclopedias adult and children’s encyclopedias, fiction novels, Maths programs, educational toys, equipment.


  • Usborne
  • Mason Crest

Publishing Details

The following categories / languages can be published:

  • Stationery - English
  • Other - English

The following formats can be published:

  • Book

Contact Details

  • Street Address:

    2577 Mothoa St,

    Province: Gauteng

  • Postal Address:

    PO Box 499

Key Personnel

Keolebogile Georgina Tserawa

+27 62 149 8437

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